There are several webpages that mention Christopher Augustus Fearon and Grace Adriana du Moulin. This page looks at Christopher. The information below is an answer to a query posted in 2001 on and answered by by a great-great-grandson, whose name we haven't been able to glean. We quote his reply with slight modifications to formatting and (after checking N. S. W. Births, Deaths & Marriages) corrections to dates:

I suspect the Christopher Fearon you are looking for is my gggrandfather Christopher Augustus Fearon [CAF] b. Portsmouth 1788, died Sydney NSW 1866 at his property “Kishnagur”, which was situated about where Eastwood is now. CAF was married twice and fathered five children with his first wife Elizabeth (Noad, b. London 22 Oct 1794) and another nine with his second wife Grace Adriana (du Moulin, b. 1822). CAF was a trader/factor in China before and at the time of the Opium Wars. There is/was a Fearon Street in Shanghai named after him. CAF was appointed Vice Consul at Canton on 28 November 1825 (I have the original Warrant, signed and sealed by George IV). On 15 June 1843, CAF was appointed Consul after the death of the Consul (and business partner James Ilbury – firm name was Ilbury, Fearon & Co.). The Consulate was transferred to Hong Kong on 24 April 1844 (I have the original Patent of Commission). CAF’s first wife Elizabeth died at Lintin Island on 31 March 1838. As no foreign women were permitted at Canton (business only) all families lived at Lintin. When the trading port was moved to Hong Kong after the Opium Wars, Elizabeth’s remains were re-buried at the old protestant cemetery at Macau. CAF was 59 when he married Grace (22yrs), the last of the nine children he fathered with Grace was born when he was 76 years old.

I can give you full details of the main and cadet lines of the family from CAF. I have some (more fuzzy) details back from CAF.

Briefly, Christopher Augustus Fearon’s children with Elizabeth were:

01. Samuel Turner (b.1819 d. c 1860)

02. Charles Augustus (b. 02 Sep 1820, d. 01 Mar 1882) m. 01 Jan 1851 Ellen Caldecott Smith (b. 1830, d. 1884)

03. Elizabeth Noad (b. 1822, d. ?)

04. Anne (b. 15 Jan 1831, d. ?) m. Col. Caldecott Smith

05. Robert Inglis (b. 17 Mar 1837, d. 08 Jan 1897) m. 17 Jan 1866 Mary Hutton (b. 1847, d. 1931)

Christopher Augustus Fearon’s children with Grace were:

01. Grace Jane Dunsman (b. 1846 , d. 1917) m. 03 Jun 1882 William Wheeler

02. James Sturgis (b. 1849, d. 1920) m. Emily Wood (d. 1934)

03. Augustine Heard (b. 1850, d. ?) m. 1893 Mabel G. Tibbits at Burwood

04. William Foster Knowles (b. 1853, d. ?) m. 1887 Jane Montgomery Foster (b. 1863, d. 1935)

05. Charlotte S. E. (b. 1855, d. 1929 Ryde) m. 1877 Charles W. Sherlock

06. Henry Eldred (b. 23 Aug 1857, d. 1877)

07. Jane du Moulin (b. 09 Jan 1860, d. 1928 Randwick) m. Septimus Daly

08. Ellen Joanna Singleton (b. 23 Aug 1862, d. 1948) m. Anthony Weaver

09. Charlotte (b. 1864 d. 186?) [We have not located either her birth or death recod, Ed.]

My ggrandfather was William Foster Knowles Fearon, who had three children:

01. Lancelot Low Foster (b. 1889 Kobe, d. 1941 Shanghai)

02. Augustus Foster (b. 1890 Kobe, d. 1930 Tientsin)

03. Millicent (b. 1892 Kobe, d. ?) m. Edric Brett

My grandfather was Augustus Foster Fearon, who had two sons:

01. Basil William (b. 1921 Kobe, d. 1997 Canberra) (my father)

02. Derek Henry (b. 1923 Tientsin)

The Fearon Road referred to in Shanghai is described in more detail in a book The Old Shanghai A-Z by Paul French:

Fearon Rd