Janet Kenney

Lawrence Moran (1867-1930)
Janet Margaret Ada Kenney (1877-1931)

Janet Margaret Ada Kenney was the third of nine children of James Kenney and Mary (Scholastica Thecla) Walker, although their eldest child died at or near birth. Janet was born on 05 Oct 1877 in the Dungog district in New South Wales.

Lawrence Moran was born on 05 November 1867 near Hexham (on the outer northern fringe of Newcastle, New South Wales) to Lawrence Moran and Johannah McMahon.

This page has been assembled with the help of Donna Wieland, one of James and Mary’s great-great-grandchildren.

The Kenneys were a large family living on the Upper Allyn River. However James and Mary Kenney and their large family moved across to Kalgoolie and Freemantle in West Australia in the late 1800s. Janet and Lawrence had married in 1885 (the marriage being registered in the West Maitland district); James was a miner and they remained in New South Wales, living near Cessnock, a mining (and now wine) district, about 50km west of Newcastle.

We believe Janet and Lawrence had 15 children; (NSW birth; death) record numbers are indicated:

01. Laurence James Eric (b. 17 Jan 1896, d. 30 Aug 1962) 4757; 25146

02. Mary Merl (b. 01 May 1898, d. 16 Jun 1989) 13433; 104996

03. Catherine Ivy (b. 31 Jul 1899, d. 07 Feb 1968) 22418; 16010

04. Lindsey Lavinia Agnes (b. 19 Mar 1901, d. 1976) 14080; 15645

05. Regina Stanislaus Madeline Iris (b. 25 Dec 1903, d. 03 Aug 1981) 4447; ?

06. Dominic Patrick (b. 16 Mar 1905, d. 23 Aug 1975) 14660; 10528

07. Ellen Monica Enid Morear (b. 11 Sep 1906, d. 1977) 35994; ?

08. William Joseph Bernard (b. 26 Jul 1908, d. 8 May 1974) 26318; 4998

09. John (b. 05 Feb 1911, d. 30 Sep 1999) 5804; N/A

10. Eveline Philomena (b. 1913, d. ?) 17016;

11. Dorothy Fidelma (b. 1913, d. 30 Sep 1976 in Bright, Victoria) 17017; N/A

12. Margaret Florence (b. 20 May 1915, d. 20 Jul 1994 in Melbourne) 25148; N/A

13. Francis (b. & d. 1917) 22864; 7933

14. Christopher A B (b. and, d. 1918) 17499; 17499

15. Norah Theckla (b. 1920, d. ?) 22166;

Lawrence must have had some trouble finding work throughout his life. He died of a heart attack on 05 Jun 1930 while working in a mine. His death was reported widely. The Lachlander and Condobolin and Western Districts Recorder reported in its edition on Wed 18 Jun 1930 that Lawrence had been out of work for over a year when his death occurred (his age is incorrectly stated in the next two reports):

After sixty-three weeks’ idleness, Lawrence Moran (54), of Kurri Kurri, a miner employed in Hebburn No 1 colliery, returned to work last week, but on Thursday collapsed in the pit and died, apparently from heart failure.

From The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder, Fri 06 Jun 1930:

Collapsed While Descending Pit.

Lawrence Moran, miner, aged 64, of Maitland Street, Kurri Kurri, collapsed and died when about to descend in the cage at Hebburn No. 1 Colliery yesterday morning. He was taken to the Kurri Kurri Hospital morgue, at 8 a.m.

The cause of death is thought to be heart failure.

The coroner (Mr. J. R. Scott) opened a formal inquiry, at Kurri Hospital yesterday afternoon, which was adjourned until next week. Deceased was a married man, and is survived by a large grown up family. Following the tragic happening, the men at No. 1 Colliery returned home, and the mine was idle for the remainder of the day as a mark of respect to their dead comrade. Deceased is a brother of Mr. Joe Moran, of Church Street, Cessnock.

The funeral notices in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate on Fri 06 Jun 1930 are worth stating as they provide some evidence of the Murray family:

MORAN – The Friends of Mrs. L. MORAN and MISSES DOROTHY, EVELYN, FLORENCE and NORA MORAN, Messrs. PATRICK, JOSEPH, WILLIAM, and JOHN MORAN, are invited to attend the funeral of their beloved Husband and Father, LAWRENCE MORAN, to move from the residence of Mr. A. Andrews, corner of Maitland and Merthyr Streets, Kurri Kurri, This Afternoon, at four o’clock, for Catholic Cemtery, Kurri Kurri.

MORAN – The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. ERIC MORAN, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. MURRAY, Mr. and Mrs. A. ANDREWS, Mrs. VENIE BAILEY, Mr. and Mrs. J. CRITTENDEN, and Mr. and Mrs. R. MAYS and FAMILIES are invited to attend the funeral of their beloved Father, Father-in-law, and Grandfather, LAWRENCE MORAN, to move from the residence of Mr. A. Andrews, corner of Maitland and Merthyr streets, Kurri Kurri, This Afternoon, at four o’clock, for Catholic Cemetery, Kurri Kurri.

MORAN – Members of HEBBURN No. 1 MINERS LODGE are invited to attend the funeral of their late Comrade, LAWRENCE MORAN, to move from the residence of Mr. A. Andrews, corner of Maitland and Merthyr Streets, Kurri Kurri, this afternoon at four o’clock, for Catholic Cemetery, Kurri Kurri. W. WARDLE .President G.PERRIS, Secretary.

There are several detailed reports of the coronial enquiry, the most detailed of which was in The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder on Fri 13 Jun 1930:


An inquest concerning the death of Lawrence Moran, a Hebburn No.1 miner, who collapsed and died while at work in the colliery on June 5th, was conducted by the Deputy District Coroner (Mr. J.R. Scott) at the Weston Police Court yesterday.

A verdict of death from natural causes was returned by the coroner.

Joseph William Prescott, miner, at Hebburn No. 1 Colliery, and residing at Eighth Street, Weston, said that on Thursday morning last he was in the travelling road, off the main tunnel proceeding to work. He was behind the deceased, who stepped aside to let other men pass, when he appeared to slip. He appeared to fall, said witness, and, hit the back of his head on the rib. He did not actually fall, but regained his footing and walked forward. Witness said deceased then fell on his left side lengthways on a pipe. A man named Henry Smith, who was following, picked deceased up, and after seeing that deceased was in a bad way, witness said he reported the matter to a deputy, and a stretcher was sent for. Witness said deceased, did not speak to him after he had fallen the last time.

To Mr. Perris: He did not notice any marks on the deceased. At the point when the deceased fell, the travelling road was in good condition. Prior to reaching this point the road is very bad. Deceased seemed to strike his head with very great force on the rib, and finally fell heavily on the pipe.

To Mr. Helmore: The place described is about 500 yards from the mouth of the tunnel. The road is low and narrow. It might be five feet high in the centre. The width of this part is narrow, just enough for a man to pass through. Witness added that one had to stoop but where the final collapse took place, one can stand upright.

Dr. A. V. Smith, of Weston, said that he was called to the colliery on the morning of the 5th. He there saw the body of a man who was known to him as Laurence Moran. He made an examination of the body and found life extinct. Later that day he made a post mortem examination, under, instructions from the coroner. Examination of the body showed it to be that of a well-nourished man. There were two small abrasions on the right and left hands. That on the left hand was about an inch long and showed evidence of recent bleeding. The abrasion on the right hand was smaller and hardly recent. Over the left frontal region of the forehead there was a depression and an old scar. There was a general enlargement of the heart. The other organs of the body were normal on examination. Death, in his opinion, was due to chronic myocarditis, and chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

To the Coroner: In other words death was due to natural causes.

To Mr. Helmore: Failure of the heart might cause decease to fall. He did hot think that the mere walking would aggravate the condition of his organs.

Walking in a cramped position, and with a load on his back such as mining tools, would probably increase the strain and find weakness in the organs.

Henry Robinson Smith, road layer, employed at the Hebburn No. 1 Colliery, said that he was following deceased along the road on the morning of June 6th. Deceased appeared to trip, catching his right foot behind his left foot. Witness said he made a grab at deceased, but missed, and he fell against the rib, hitting it with his left shoulder and the left side of his head. He tried to regain his footing, and fell headlong across a pipe, added Witness, striking the pipe with his chest. “I caught him in my arms and laid him across my knee. He looked at me but did not speak.” Witness added that deceased gave a couple of quick breaths’ and then expired.

Joseph William Prescott recalled said that deceased was carrying a pick in his left hand and a lamp in his right hand.

To Mr. Helmore: He did not notice what happened to the pick.

Lawrence James Eric Moran said that deceased was his father. He was 62 years of age and a man of temperate habits. He was born at Woodford, near Hexham. He was a married man; and there were fifteen children of the marriage.

In a report on the coronial enquiry in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate on Fri 13 Jun 1930, Lawrence James Eric Moran is described as a resident of Paddington in Sydney. It’s likely that Janet moved to Paddington following Lawrence’s death; the Electoral Rolls of 1930 show Janet to be living at 30 Cambridge St, Glenmore (now part of Paddington). Janet passed away in October of 1931 whilst living in Paddington, however she was buried in the cemetery at Kurri Kurri, near Cessnock. From the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate, Sat 31 Oct 1931:

MORAN.—The Friends of the late JANET M. A. MORAN, relict of the late LAWRENCE MORAN, are invited to attend her Funeral, to move from the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. H. J. MURRAY, near Catholic Church, Abermain, This Afternoon, at 4 o’clock, for Catholic Cemetery, Kurri Kurri.

MORAN.— The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. MURRAY, Mr. and Mrs. E. MORAN, Mr. and Mrs. A. ANDREWS, Mrs. V. BAILEY, Mr. and Mrs. J. CRITTENDEN, Mr. and Mrs. P. MORAN, Mr. and Mrs. R. MAYS, Mr. and Mrs. W. MORAN, Mr. and Mrs. J. MORAN and FAMILIES, and Misses EVELYN, DOROTHY, FLORENCE, and NORA MORAN are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved mother and grandmother, JANET MARGARET ADA MORAN, to move from the residence of Mr. H. J. Murray, Abermain, This Afternoon, at 4 o’clock, for Catholic Cemetery, Kurri Kurri.

Whoever was charged with winding up her estate must not have known of the existence of a property that Janet owned in Abermain, between Cessnock and Kurri Kurri. The local council advertised in The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder that one Janet Margaret Ada Moran owed £8/7/6 in unpaid rates. In 1948 this debt had increased to £13/12/1; in 1949 to £14/18/10; and finally this notice appeared, on Fri 17 Sep1954:

Shire of Kearsley
Overdue Rates

NOTICE is hereby given to the persons named here under that the Council of the Shire of Kearsley has resolved in pursuance of Section 602 of the Local Government Act; 1919, to sell the said described hereunder of which the persons named appear to be the owner or in which they appear to have an interest and on which the amounts of rates stated in each case is overdue for more than seven years’:—

38. Janet M. A. Moran, Lot 6 Section 6, D.P.4577 Queen Street, Abermain— £26/6/6.

01. Laurence James Eric Moran married Meda Bethel Kenny (born in 1898 to Edward & Sarah Jane Kenny) in Sydney in 1929. We know that the couple moved from Paddington back to East Maitland soon after Janet’s death; in the voter registers Laurence is described as a labourer, Meda as “home duties”. Their addresses are as follows:
1930+: 72 Brown St Glenmore
1933 to 1937+: 70 King street, East Maitland
1943+: 46 Lindsay St, East Maitland (described here as a ganger)
1949 to 1954+: 148 George St, East Maitland
1958-1978: 143 Lawes St, East Maitland (a Lawrence and Beryl Joy Moran were then living at 148 George St)

Laurence died on 30 Aug 1962 in Maitland, and Meda on 17 Nov 1978. The following photo of the couple’s headstone shows there were at least two children, one obviously being their son, also called Laurence.

Laurence and Meda Bethel Moran

Very little is known about Laurence & Janet’s children, all born in the West Maitand area, and we are interested in hearing from anyone who knows more on this family (email donnamatty@hotmail.com and copy to mick@oneillfamily.id.au). This is what we have to date:

03. Catherine Ivy Moran was born on 31 Jul 1899. She married Alexander Andrews in Waratah (Newcastle) in 1923. Alexander was born in 1897 in Sydney to Mathias and Elizabeth Andrews.

Alexander and Catherine lived in Merthyr St and Northcote St Kurri Kurri to 1935 – Alexander was described as a wheeler, a term used for the men in coal mines who looked after the horses pulling skips full of coal to the main haul road.

From 1936 to at least 1949 they lived in Stockton (Newcastle), firstly in Maitland Lane and then at 82 Fullerton St. Alexander described himself as a labourer. By 1954 they had moved to 75 Bruce St Newcastle, where he now described himself as a gardener; between 1958 and 1963 they lived in Sydney St Gateshead.

Catherine died in 1968 in Newcastle, Alexander on 09 Aug 1984 in West Pymble (37 Boranga Avenue).

04. Lindsay Lavinia Agnes Moran was born on 19 Mar 1901. She married James Bailey in 1919 in Merewether (NSW marriage record 4315/1919). From 1930 she lived in Sydney, during which time there is no mention in the electoral rolls of anyone living with her bearing her married name.

In the electoral rolls of 1930 and 1931 a Lindsay Liverence Agnes Bailey lived in 1 Broughton St Paddington – that is possibly an error on her entry. In 1933 and 1934 Lindsay Lavena Agnes Bailey lived in 57 Sutherland St Paddington, just 500m away. Coincidentally (or not) a Phillip and Sarah Bailey lived at no 69 Sutherland St at the same time. In 1936 and 1937 she was registered at 69 Cascade St Paddington, about 200m from Sutherland St. She passed away in 1976; her death record has her name spelt Leiuveva Agnes.

There was one son as far as we know, Thomas William Bailey, who was born on 03 Oct 1923 in Paddington. In 1949 there was a Thomas William Bailey and a Zoe Bailey living at 26 Gipps St Paddington; he was described as a textile worker, she on home duties. Thomas died on 27 Sep 2007 in Gosford, NSW.

05. Regina Stanislaus Madeline Iris Moran was born on 25 Dec 1903. She married John Waterford Crittenden in 1920. John was born on 21 Feb 1898 in Paterson, his parents being Charles Thomas Crittenden and Mary A Hodge; Charles was a quarry foreman in Paterson, NSW.

John enlisted in the military on 15 Jun 1918, stating he lived at Martins Creek (8km north of Paterson). He was a widower, his wife (Lily Agnes Tarran) having recently passed away.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Tues 15 Jun 1926 that a John Waterford Crittenden, of Newcastle street, East Maitland, labourer, agreed to a voluntary sequestration.

The electoral rolls show John and Regina moved frequently. In 1930 they were in Albert St Paterson. By 1931 they had moved to 160 George St East Maitland, and by 1935 to Hopetoun St Kurri Kurri; in each register John was shown as a labourer and Regina on home duties. By 1937 they were farming at Glen Oak (Raymond Terrace). Next, in 1943 he was shown again working as a labourer, living at 106 Paddington St, Paddington, before settling long-term at 9 Kembla St, Wollongong.

In 1980 another John Waterford Crittenden was living with John Lenin Crittenden (his brother?) and Zoe Crittenden at 9 Kembla St Wollongong West, some 3km away from Regina who was in 49 Taronga Ave.

John died on 16 Aug 1960 and Regina on 03 Aug 1981; they are buried side by side in Wollongong Cemetery.

Madge Crittenden headstone

The couple had 7 children, the first five of whom were:

01. Eric (b. 07 May 1920, d. 05 Apr 1977), married in 1941 to Maud Ellen Quinn (1923-2014)

02. Thomas (b. 07 May 1922 in Clarence Town, d 25 Mar 2011 in Concord Hospital), married Ada Lillias Proudfoot. They had two children, the older being Dianne (b. 1945, d. 2012)

03. Norma Mary (b. 08 Aug 1925, d 16 Sep 2006 in Wollongong), married Norman Charles Woodland in 1945 in Hamilton (Newcastle).

05. John Lenin (b. 12 Oct 1932, d. 02 Aug 2015 in Sutherland Hospital), married Wilga Murray (1932-1999).

06. Muriel Anne (b. 19 Apr 1927, d. Feb 1967), married Ronald Matthew Price at Ryde in 1946

07. Ellen Monica Enid Morear Moran was born on 11 Sep 1906. She married Reginald Leo Francis Darlington in 1923 in the West Maitland district. Reginald was born in 1900 to Thomas R Darlington and Ada Caroline Weekes. Reginald was a miner and for several years they lived at 6 Northcote St, Kurri Kurri. However the electoral rolls have him living alone in 1955 at 105 Deakin St, Kurri Kurri, and between 1963 and 1968 in Flat 201 John Byrne Ct, Glebe (no occupation). He died on 05 Jan 1969 in Newtown, Sydney.

Ellen and Reginald lived at 5 Liverpool St Paddington in 1949; he was described as a rigger and painter. In the same house was a Kathleen Mary Darlington, a hairdresser. Ellen was still living at that address in 1958, this time with Laurence Darrell Darlington, a boat builder. They then moved to 7/6 Norwich Rd Rose Bay. Ellen passed away on 12 Aug 1977 and is buried in Eastern Suburbs Memorial Gardens, Matraville.

So it is possible they had at least three children; an 11 year old boy by the name of Reginald Darlington was injured in an accident, as reported on Sat 26 Jan 1935 in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate:

Reginald Darlington, 11, of Northcote-street Kurri Kurri was struck by a motor lorry in Alexandra-street yesterday afternoon was admitted to the Kurri Kurri Hospital suffering from injuries to the face and one leg.

Reginald (senior) got himself in trouble on a few occasions. From The Maitland Daily Mercury, Thu 18 Sep 1930:

… Charged with riotous behaviour, James Gemmell was fined 30/, with 8/ costs, and Reginald Darlington 5/, with 8/ costs.

Again from the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate on Thu 21 Jan 1937:


Reginald Leo Darlington, of Northcote street, Kurri Kurri, was charged with having on July 17 made a wilfully false statement that he had not earned £4/5/2 within the [preceeding] 14 days, with intent to obtain employment under the emergency relief scheme.

Sergeant W. Wood said that 10 days prior to signing the declaration on July 17, Darlington, a casual mine worker, earned £14/17/4.

Pleading “Guilty,” Darlington was fined £2 with 8/ costs, in default five days’ imprisonment.

He was also the judge and color steward for greyhound racing that took place in 1937 on his brother-in-law’s property at Abermain – see the report on Meri Merl Moran’s page.

From The Newcastle Sun, Wed 5 Jun 1940:


At the Kurri Police Court to-day, before Mr. C. G. Carr-Boyd, P.M. Reginald Darlington, of Northcote Street, Kurri, was charged with two breaches of the Coalmines Regulation Act at Pelaw Main Colliery on May 20.

The charges were of riding a set of skips and not obeying the lawful command of a deputy. He pleaded guilty to both charges, and on each was fined 10s with £1 19s 6d costs. Mr. W. J. Enright, who appeared for the prosecution, said that the charges were taken out in the interest of the men themselves.

In respect of the second charge Mr. Enright said that a deputy was directing men up the travelling road but defendant refused and rode up in a set.

Their son Reginald (b. 17 Sep 1922 at Abermain) passed away on. 05 Jan 1969.

08. William Joseph Bernard Moran was born 26 Jul 1908 in the West Maitland district. He also lived in Paddington in the 30s (57 Sutherland St in 1933, 22 Little Napier St in 1934, 55 Elizabeth St in 1936) and his profession was described as labourer (or in one case no occupation). In 1943 he had moved to 23 Bolton St, Newcastle, and was described as a Gym proprietor. Earlier that same year he was sued by a well-known money lending organisation (Mont de Piete); from the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate, Wed 20 Jan 1943:

SMALL DEBTS COURT. VERDICTS.–A verdict In favour of the plaintiff was returned in each of the following cases – Mont de Piete v. Alexander Kelly, Main-road, Belmont. £6/5/, with 9/ costs; same v. William J. B. Moran, Watt-street. Newcastle. £21/10/. with 7/ costs

From 1949 (at least) he was living with Sheelah May Moran at 11 Bell St Lithgow, although no record of their marriage can be found. In 1958 Sheelah May Moran lived in 36 Gipps St Glenmore, as did a William Moran, so presumably the same couple. By 1963 they had moved to 5 Hassall St Parramatta, and in 1973 to 35/18 Meldrum St Mount Pritchard.

William died in 1974: a William Joseph B Moran is buried in Liverpool Cemetery, his death date showing 08 May 1974 and his age 65 years, but that is approximate and most likely these two men are one and the same.

09. John Moran became a tailor and lived in Maitland in the early 1930s. He married Marion Gemmell in Sydney in 1930 (record = 13588). However the couple do not appear together in electoral rolls until 1935 to 1956, at which time they lived at 21 Ward St, West Maitland. In the 1954 rolls they show up at 16A Kendrick St, Merewether, Newcastle, and his listing is as a labourer. In 1972 he is described as an iron worker, the couple living at 170 Glebe Rd, Merewether. Marion died in 1987 (record 103114) and John on 30 Sep 1999. We understand there were six children, two of whom have passed already:

01. Colin Wayne Moran (b. 08 Aug 1943 in Cessnock, d. 2004 in Hamilton, NSW)

02. Brian Moran (d. 1984, record 6105)

10. Eveline Philomena Moran married William Arthur John Johnston in 1934 (record 19173) in Woollahra. The couple divorced in June 1941; from The Sydney Morning Herald on Fri 20 Jun 1941:

Eveline Philomena Johnston (formerly Moran) v William Arthur John Johnston. Marriage, September 28, 1934, Woollahra, Roman Catholic rites. Issue, desertion. Decree nisi. Mr. Eric Sunman for petitioner.

Later that year she married William Bissett (record 15330/1941). William was described as a waterside worker in the 1968 electoral rolls, the couple living at 4 Solander Rd, Daceyville. The couple had one daughter. William died  on 16 Jun 1989 at Kurri Kurri, but no death record is available yet for Eveline.

11. Dorothy Fidelma Moran married Allan Geoghagan Orr at Paddington in 1936. In the electoral rolls Allan is described as a clerk, and later as a taxi driver, the couple living until 1954 on Anzac Pde, Randwick. Allan passed away in Victoria on 07 Jun 1955.

The couple had a daughter, Raelene Elizabeth Levena Orr, born in 1942, died in Brighton, Victoria, on 29 May 1980. Dorothy died on 30 Sep 1976 at Bright, Victoria.

12. Margaret Florence Moran married Claude Francis William Casey at Paddington in 1934 (record 12522). Claude was born in Paddington on 19 Aug 1911. When WWII broke out he enlisted (Service Number – 65519), giving Florence Casey as his next of kin. In the 1954 electoral rolls there is Claude Francis William Casey, a motor driver, living at 21 William St Paddington, with three other folk named Casey, one of which is Mary. But we have not found any record of Florence and Claude together, We understand they ahd one daughter. Claude died at Ryde on 31 Jul 1992, and Florence in Melbourne on 20 Jul 1994.

15. Norah Theckla Moran is another of their elusive children. We know she married Norman Clancy Headford in 1940 in Paddington. Norman was born on 23 Mar 1912. They lived at 15 Elfred St Glenmore in 1943; he was described as a crane driver. However in 1947 he filed for divorce on the grounds of desertion. From the Truth, Sun 05 Jan 1947:

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW SOUTH WALES.— IN DIVORCE.— To NORAH THECKLA HEADFORD late of Paddington. TAKE NOTICE that NORMAN CLANCY HEADFORD has filed a petition (No. 5349 of 1946) praying for a Divorce on the grounds of desertion without just cause or excuse for three years and upwards. If you wish to defend you may enter an appearance on or before the 24th day of January 1947 and obtain a copy of the petition free of charge from J. J. Lynn Solicitor, 60 Hunter St., Sydney. (Sgd.), C. K. BODY (L.S.), Registrar.

Norah evidently disappeared to Queensland, leaving a son behind. Early in 1948 this advertisement appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 05 Feb 1948:


NORAH HEADFORD (nee Norah Moran) last known address 48 Bradley St off Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, or relatives, please write Mrs Pat Thornton 40 Bradley St off Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Qld. Urgent

It is possible she simply left that accommodation without paying her rent.

We have been unable to locate any other records of Norah. We were told she subsequently had two daughters but left them in a home. If anyone has further information please email donnamatty@hotmail.com and copy to mick@oneillfamily.id.au.

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